As we all face the uncertainty of the healthcare industry, it's more important than ever that we stay healthy by learning new ways to take care of ourselves.

If you've ever been told to go on a diet that was ballyhooed as perfect for everyone but it didn’t work for you, then you know the frustration with trying to treat your stomach like it’s the same as everyone else. Digestive Personalities isn't about another diet! Instead, it's an introductory course about digestive awareness where you not only learn a new way to see food groups and labels, you’ll discover digestive insights that pertain to you and only you, which in turn, helps you stay in balance and on a healthy path. This program is presented in a deliciously creative, playful, new way where you might find you can eat whatever you want by tweaking your food to balance your tummy's personality. At times, we'll even look towards the planets to spice things up in order to encourage self-discovery and to experience why your digestion is so well-defined to you. You’ll be introduced to thought-provoking activities like, learning how intuition speaks via a nervous system between the brain and throughout your digestive system. And then there's a cast of characters from earth and beyond who entertain and guide your adventure to self-examination and evaluation. To discover what works best for you—and only you, sometimes you have to look beyond what everyone else calls “normal.” Your Ah-Ha moment may come from a shared secret tip, a newly discovered taste or spice, recognizing a super essence specific to your digestive personality, or a trigger from you thoughts. Modern-day nutritional science combined with ancient deitary secrets, a dash of mystical notes, and a sprinkle spiritual awareness are all rolled into Digestive Personalities. And after you've completed this course, you'll not only be happy to be you, but when others merely mention their favorite foods or a tummy complaint, instantly, you'll know their personalites too. Once you've watched the three simple experimental recipe videos and tried them yourself, you'll want to subscribe to our Cooking as Medicine Magazines for more in-depth experimental recipes by digestive type and much more.