Terms & Conditions

Refunds are not offered once the course or magazines are purchased. Students are also not allowed to upload videos and materials from courses or magazines to any other social media platforms or a website(s). All the material inside the course is for private use (for paid subscribers only). All material inside the course and magazine room are copyrighted under Cooking As Medicine. Programs offered are non-refundable because of costs to create materials and videos and to pay fees on this platform, answer questions, purchase photography, design, research, etc. I believe, nothing is by accident or coincidence and therefore, my intent is to be fair with everyone. I expect in return, everyone will be fair with me. I also want to thank you for helping me do what I love (helping others) with freedom of expression and therefore, I will also honor your freedom of expression. And, a bigger thank you for helping me share not only my practical knowledge but spiritual wisdom as well. With that said, I will always be open-minded to certain situations as they pertain to refunds and will on occasion, make exceptions in some circumstances. No one wants more Karma! Blessings.